Mini-Neutralizer for the Mobile Phone Gamma-7.N-RT


Protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, radiao-phones, walkie-talkie and pagers.

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Mini-neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT is created specially for radio- and cell phone radiation protection.

Mini-neutralizer neither absorbs nor reflects radiation waves. Like any other Gamma-7 devices, it neutralizes their destructive for the organism component. Therefore, you will not be getting any signal interference or other problems when using your mobile phone.

Attach one Mini-Neutralizer to each of your mobile and radio phones as closer to their antennas as possible..


  • the harmful effect of the electromagnetic radiation of radiophones of different types, such as: cell-phones, trunk-phones, indoor and transportable mobile radiostations (walkie-talkie) that operate with frequency up to 40GHz, and pagers.



Coefficient of decrease of harmful radiation 30-100
Radius of action, cm 100
Dimensions, mm 45*26*3
Weight, g not more than 7
Service life, years not less than 10



Neutralizer «Gamma-7.N-RT» 1
«0»-card 1
Manual 1
Package 1

«0»-card is used as a «breaker». If you want your device to be turned on, keep this card in a piece of foil.

Developer: Center of Informatics «Gamma-7», Moscow, Russia.

Made by the standard specifications 9453-005-13151858-02.

Permitted to be used by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate of the Russian Federation.

The protective quality of Neutralizer «Gamma-7.N-RT» was checked by the Russian Center of Catastrophe Medecine «Protection» (Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation), Moscow.

Neutralizers «Gamma-7.N-XX» and Activator «Gamma-7.A» are protected by the patents of Russia #2074748 and #2109530, by the patent of Spain #200200993 (1051791), the European patent #0838208 and the patent of Germany #69632134.3-08.