Kit “Basic Protection”

Gamma 7


1 Neutralizer Gamma-7.N + 1 Mini-Neutralizer for a mobile phone Gamma-7.N-RT

This kit is an individual protection for any person prone to the harmful effects of household electromagnetic radiation.

It is also suitable for children, pregnant women, elderly people and people with a weak immune system.

Neutralizer “Gamma-7.N” eliminates (considerable reduces) the negative bio influence of electromagnetic, ionizing and ultraviolet radiation, and has a beneficial effect on the human body in case of psychic stress and limited physical activity, which is reflected in indices that characterize the stages of rebuilding the neuroendocrine regulation and immune system.

Mini-Neutralizer protects from the harmful effect of the electromagnetic radiation of radiophones of different types, such as: cell-phones, trunk-phones, indoor and transportable mobile radiostations (walkie-talkie) that operate with frequency up to 40GHz, and pagers.

For human protection from the radiation of techic devices it is necessary to switch Neutralizer and Mini-Neutralizer in active status. For this “0”-cards have to be removed from the devices for at least 1 m or covered in a piece of foil. If you want to switch off the devices, put them in the package with open “0”-card.

See more detail below the gallery.


  • computers and office equipment (PCs, laptops, printers, copiers, etc.);
  • household appliances (TV sets, electric stoves, microwave ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.);
  •  electric wiring;
  •  effects produced by electromagnetic fields and speed of vehicles (underground, cars, planes, trains, etc.);
  •  cell towers and cell-phones (including the mobile phone in use);
  •  electric mains;
  •  geopathogenic zones (cracks in the earth, Hartmann and Curry net, burial places, mines, etc.);
  •  cosmopathogenic effects (magnetic storms, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.);
  •  stress influences;
  •  aggressive/unfriendly attitude of other people and energy vampires.


  Neutralizer Gamma-7.N Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT
Coefficient of decrease of harmful radiation 30-100 30-100
Radius of action, cm 120 120
Dimensions, mm 80*55*10 45*26*3
Weight, g not more than 50 not more than 7
Service life, years not less than 10 not less than 10


Neutralizer Gamma-7.N 1
Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT 1
“0”-card 2
Manual for Gamma-7.N 1
Manual for Gamma-7.N-RT 1
Package for Gamma-7.N 1
Package for Gamma-7.N-RT 1
Reflecting element 1

Reflecting element determins the direction of converted rays and increases the protection effect. At the picture below you can see the Reflecting element over Neutralizer, which strengthen the protection from the microwave.


Neutralizer Gamma-7.N is checked by institutes of Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and is permitted to be used by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate of the Russian Federation.

Activator Gamma-7.A is permitted to be used by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate of the Russian Federation, hygienic conclusion #77.Ц.19.945.П.21.20.700 (07.10.2001).

Developer: Center of Informatics “Gamma-7”, Moscow, Russia.

Made by the standard specifications 9453-005-13151858-02.

Neutralizers “Gamma-7.N-XX” and Activator “Gamma-7.A” are protected by the patents of Russia #2074748 and #2109530, by the patent of Spain #200200993 (1051791), the European patent #0838208 and the patent of Germany #69632134.3-08.