Antistress Gamma-7.N-AS

Neutralizer Antistress Gamma 7 N AS


Antistress is designed for reducing the harmful effects of stress and surrounding electromagnetic radiation, which one can meet while driving.

The device must be attached on the dash of your auto at a distance of 60-80 cm from the driver.

Also Antistress can be used as Neutralizer Gamma-7.N but with the bigger range (3,5 metres). It can be placed in small rooms and neutralize several sources of radiation at once (for example, several computers in a small office).

Antistress Gamma 7 N ASAntistress has no contraindications. However, the manufacturer recommends to refrain from wearing it on your body or carrying in your clothes. The device is designed to be used in a car, or to provide stationary protection to people in a limited space.

For human protection from the radiation of techic devices it is necessary to switch Antistress in active status. For this “0”-card has to be removed from Antistress for at least 1 m or covered in a piece of foil. If you want to switch off the device, put it in the package with open “0”-card.


  • computers and office equipment (PCs, laptops, printers, copiers, etc.);
  • household appliances (TV sets, electric stoves, microwave ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.);
  •  electric wiring;
  •  effects produced by electromagnetic fields and speed of vehicles (underground, cars, planes, trains, etc.);
  •  cell towers and cell-phones (except the mobile phones you’re talking on – See Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT);
  •  electric mains;
  •  geopathogenic zones (cracks in the earth, Hartmann and Curry net, burial places, mines, etc.);
  •  cosmopathogenic effects (magnetic storms, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.);
  •  stress influences;
  •  aggressive/unfriendly attitude of other people and energy vampires.


Radius of action, cm 350
Dimensions, mm 71*44*16
Weight, g not more than 30
Service life, years not less than 10


Neutralizer “Gamma-7.N.AS” 1
“0”-card 1
Manual 1
Package 1

Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-AS is checked by the specialized organizations of Russia and Germany and is permitted to be used by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate of the Russian Federation.

Developer: Center of Informatics “Gamma-7”, Moscow, Russia.

Neutralizers “Gamma-7.N-XX” and Activator “Gamma-7.A” are protected by the patents of Russia #2074748 and #2109530, by the patent of Spain #200200993 (1051791), the European patent #0838208 and the patent of Germany #69632134.3-08.