Electromagnetic Shielding

If there is at least one question you answer “Yes”, then the information below concerns you directly:

  • Do you work on a computer regularly?
  • Do you talk a lot on the mobile phone?
  • Do you constantly work with any kind of office equipment or among household appliances?
  • Do you drive any kind of vehicle?
  • Do you work with people? Are you a doctor, a teacher, a social worker, a civil servant, a trade representative, etc?
  • Do you experience regular stress?
  • Do you have a weak immune system, acute or chronic diseases?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you over 50 y.o.?

Any positive answer on these questions means that you are under the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation or you have such peculiarities of body functioning, that are more likely to be influenced by stressful environmental factors.

Why do most people need protection from the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation?

The research has proven that electromagnetic radiation has a destructive effect on people, decreasing activity levels, causing high fatigue, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pathological disorders of endocrine, immune, urogenital and other systems.

At the same time, people cannot acquire immunity to electromagnetic radiation. Thus, instead of directing their energy to support the vital processes and development of their organism, people waste it on compensating energy losses in the organs targeted by the electromagnetic waves (endocrine glands, immune system, cardiovascular system, urogenital system).

The human aura in normal state

The human aura in normal state

The human aura after 6 hours working with PC

The human aura after 2 hours of driving

The human aura during a magnetic storm

The human aura during a magnetic storm

It is a common fact that radiation emitted by cell phones has the same effect on the brain as a microwave oven. Its waves heat certain brain parts to such a degree that it triggers irreversible changes, which lead to multiple disorders.

Children and pregnant women are even more prone to the negative effect of electromagnetic field due to certain anatomical features and peculiarities of body functioning.

* * *

But none of us can refuse all the technologies that make our life easier and more comfortable. So how can we protect ourselves?

Nowadays advanced technologies come to help. Initially designed for the needs of Russian military-industrial complex, they provide a long-term UNIVERSAL protection from the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation in the form of “Gamma-7” devices, which reduce radiation levels by 97-99%!

Gamma-7 devices protect

from destructive influence of radiation from:

  • computers and office equipment (PCs, laptops, printers, copiers, etc.);
  • household appliances (TV sets, electric stoves, microwave ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.);
  • electric wiring;
  • effects produced by electromagnetic fields and speed of vehicles (underground, cars, planes, trains, etc.);
  • cell phones and cell towers;
  • electric mains;
  • geopathogenic zones (cracks in the earth, Hartmann and Curry net, burial places, mines, etc.);
  • cosmopathogenic effects (magnetic storms, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.);
  • stress influences;
  • aggressive/unfriendly attitude of other people and “energy vampires”.

*** *** ***

Gamma-7 Devices

Electromagnetic Shielding for just 6-14 cents a day

Reduce radiation levels by 97-99%.

   10 years warranty.

      No contraindications*.

         Unlimited service life.

            Does not require charging, setting or switching on.

* – Certain restrictions should be applied when using one of the devices. You can read more about them below.

Neutralizer Gamma-7.N

Universal Electromagnetic Shielding

Neutralizer “Gamma-7” eliminates (considerable reduces) the negative bio influence of electromagnetic, ionizing and ultraviolet radiation, and has a beneficial effect on the human body in case of psychic stress and limited physical activity, which is reflected in indices that characterize the stages of rebuilding the neuroendocrine regulation and immune system. 

Neutralizer Gamma 7 N

Neutralizer Gamma-7.N

Neutralizer Gamma-7.N can be carried by any person. It is also suitable for children, pregnant women, elderly people and people with a weak immune system.

Just put Neutralizer in your pocket and be sure you are always protected from the radiation around you. Alternatively, you can place Neutralizer by the source of radiation (for example, by a TV set or a computer), and it will protect all people in the vicinity.

Neutralizer Gamma 7 N Neutralizer Gamma 7 N

* * *

Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT

Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Mini-neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT is created specially for radio- and cell phone radiation protection.

Mini-neutralizer neither absorbs nor reflects radiation waves. Like any other Gamma-7 devices, it neutralizes their destructive for the organism component. Therefore, you will not be getting any signal interference or other problems when using your mobile phone.

Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT

Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT

Just attach Mini-Neutralizer to your mobile phone and don’t worry about your cell-phone radiation any more.

Gamma 7 N Rt

Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT attached to the cell-phone

* * *

Activator Gamma-7.A

Universal EMF Shielding + Field Energy

Unlike other Gamma-7 devices, Activator is a device with an active mode. This means that it does not only provide protection, but produces a certain effect on the human aura. Thanks to lanthanides in its structure one can get the additional field supply from Activator, which increases the natural forces of the organism and strengthens immune system. This device is for restoring of energo-informative resource of a human being and its protection from the influence of harmful exposure.

Activator Gamma 7 A

Activator Gamma-7.A

Therefore, for restouring of energo-informative system of a human being it should be applied step by step (starting with a few minutes a day and gradually increasing the time to several hours). It is especially important for everyone during the first months of using the device, and for women, children, elderly people and people with weak health during the whole time they use Activator. All the details can be seen in its manual.

Thanks to its features Activator is able to manage with extreme types of radiation. «Extreme» in our case refers to all kinds of radiation that exceed the safety norms accepted for working conditions. These include transformer vaults; data-centres with the abundance of ADP (automatic data processing) and computer equipment in a limited space; cockpits of electric and air transport; control rooms at the railway stations and control towers at the airports; power stations of all kinds; other buildings with an extremely high level of electromagnetic radiation.

* * *

Antistress Gamma-7.N-AS

Electromagnetic Shielding + Protection From Stress

Antistress is designed for reducing the harmful effects of stress and surrounding electromagnetic radiation, which one can meet while driving.

Neutralizer Antistress Gamma 7 N AS

Neutralizer Antistress Gamma-7.N-AS

The device must be attached on the dash of your auto at a distance of 60-80 cm from the driver.

Also Antistress can be used as Neutralizer Gamma-7.N but with the bigger range (3,5 metres). It can be placed in small rooms and neutralize several sources of radiation at once (for example, several computers in a small office).

Antistress has no contraindications. However, the manufacturer recommends to refrain from wearing it on your body or carrying in your clothes. The device is designed to be used in a car, or to provide stationary protection to people in a limited space.

*** *** ***

Which Devices to Choose?

In order to understand which device (or a set of devices) you need, consult the table “Comparative characteristics of Gamma-7 devices”:

N – Neutralizer, A – Activator, MN – Mini-neutralizer for a mobile phone, AS – Antistress

Dimensions 80х55х10
Protection from¹:

– household, computer and office appliances




– radiation from a cell phone (while talking or carrying)


– transportable mobile radio stations (up to 40GHz);




– radio and microwave radiation (cell towers, radio towers, antennae, etc.);




– sociopathogenic radiation (energy vampires, negative attitude of other people)




– cosmopathogenic radiation (magnetic storms, etc.)




– geopathogenic zones;




– stress;




– ultraviolet and nuclear radiation;




– transport;




– extreme types of EMF radiation;



Supply of energy and boost of immune system no yes no no
Operating range: 120 cm 120 cm 100 cm 350 cm
Constant wearing on the body: Enabled Disabled
Warranty: 10 yrs 10 yrs 10 yrs 10 yrs
Price (USD)  130  185 70  130 

1 Meaning of signs: + provides protection, – does not provide protection, +/- provides partial protection.

*** *** ***

How Does It Work?

Placed within the area of negative impact of electromagnetic radiation, the device automatically starts to generate the type of radiation that is in opposite phase to the pathogenic one. The working element of every device is made of two multistage Archimedean spirals with three and a half turns symmetrically placed opposite each other, with the use of thin-film technologies. The spirals are manufactured from the alloy of gold, silver and copper. The spirals of Activator also have embedments of 
rare earth metals that provide a person with a supply of energy and a boost to immunity.



Thus, when no harmful radiation is detected, Gamma-7 devices work on a weak active mode, influenced by the natural energy radiation of Earth and surrounding objects, having no effect on a person whatsoever (except the rare-earth metals in the Activator). As soon as the devices are placed within the area of harmful electromagnetic influence (from any kind of household device or wiring, cell phones and mobile networks, transport, geopathogenic zones or society), they automatically switch to an active mode. Devices operate due to the secondary induction that is based on a subtle physical phenomenon, which acts counter to the original anomaly due to their opposite phases.

Gamma-7 principle of work

Protection of Neutralizer Gamma-7

Such interaction of two subtle physical processes leads to their mutual neutralization. As a result, the energy impact of harmful radiation on you is reduced by 97–99%, which means almost total neutralization of pathogenic influence of all household appliances.

For those people who are good at Physics:

When a neutralizer is placed in anomalous energetic zones, it automatically switches into an active mode, thus inducing as a resonance a certain stable ultra-weak subtle energy field. This field operates on a wide range of frequencies (from the fraction of Hz to hundreds of GHz) and acts counter to the biological impact produced by the subtle energy of an external energetic anomaly. The interaction of radiation emitted by an active neutralizer and anomalous radiation of any kind emitted by some technical appliance results in a tangible destruction of physical grounds for the biopathogenic character of the original radiation. It destroys the excessive influence of subtle energy components on the human body and its internal cellular interaction. Part of the space, which contains both the technical appliance emitting radiation (energetic anomaly) and the neutralizer, becomes energetically safe for all biological objects and eco-friendly as well.

*** *** ***

The Effect from Using “Gamma-7” Devices

The set of Gamma-7 devices will allow you to:

1) get permanent protection from the negative influence of any kind of electromagnetic radiation emitted within the range of 120-350 cm. There’s no need to buy a separate protection device for each household or office appliance like many other companies propose. Just put the device in your pocket, attach Mini-Neutralizer to your mobile phone and be sure you are always protected from the radiation around you. Alternatively, you can place a device by the source of radiation (for example, by a TV set or a computer), and it will protect all people in the vicinity;

2) keep your mind sound and clear for a much longer period of time while working on a computer, talking a lot on a cell phone or communicating with many people;

3) give your body a chance to direct its energy to self-recovery and self-regulation instead of wasting it on trying to resist anomalous radiation;

4) recover faster from physical and psychic strain;

5) relieve the tension from your urogenital, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Moreover, you get a chance to boost your immune system!

6) reduce reactions to stress. Your behavior (as well as the behavior of people close to you) will become more levelheaded and calm;

7) increase your work efficiency and productivity.

* * *

You can learn precise results that some people got:


The aura of a bus driver.

A) after driving for 2 hours;

B) after driving for 2 hours with Neutralizer Gamma-7.N and Activator Gamma-7.A devices.


The aura of a pilot.

A) the original state;

B) after using Neutralizer Gamma-7.N and Activator Gamma-7.A for a month.



A) The human aura before a person talks on the mobile phone;

B) The human aura while a person is talking on the mobile phone without proper protection. The parts marked by deficit of energy can be observed in the area of the thyroid gland, urogenital and immune systems;

C) The human aura while a person carrying a Mini-Neutralizer Gamma-7.N-RT is talking on the mobile phone.


A) The destroyed human aura. Before applying Neutralizer Gamma-7.N;

B) The human aura 30 minutes after applying Neutralizer Gamma-7.N;

C) The human aura after 2 months of applying Neutralizer Gamma-7.N.


The aura of a volunteer.

A) original state;

B) after the impact of 4 various types of electromagnetic radiation with the protection of Neutralizer Gamma-7.N.

8 Reasons to Choose Gamma-7

Reason #1 It reduces the radiation levels by 30-100 times (97-99%)!

Reason #2 It is universal. The set of 2 devices provides protection from radiation emitted by all the appliances around you! No need to buy a separate protection for each source of radiation. Just put Neutralizer in your pocket (attach Mini-Neutralizer to your mobile phone) and be sure you are always protected from the radiation around you. Wanna full protection? Get Activator for immune system and energy supply and Antistress for the protection of all the passуngers in your car. 

Reason #3 It neutralizes radiation without reflecting it onto close people around you. Most devices on the market simply reflect (screen) the destructive radiation, thus failing to reduce the negative electromagnetic field around and boosting the effect it has on living beings that happen to be within the reflection range. It has no contraindications (provided the recommendations on application are followed).

Reason #4 Neutralizers Gamma-7.N and Gamma-7.N-RT (for mobile phones) can be used by pregnant women and children from 0 years (provided the recommendations on application are followed).

Reason #5 There is no need in any power sources or charging as all the devices operate due to secondary induction created by the electromagnetic field that exceeds the natural radiation background.

Reason #6 It is comfortable to use, compact and does not require any special service or maintenance.

Reason #7 It is water-proof, does not get wet, does not absorb dust or mud.

Reason #8 The manufacturer gives a warranty of 10 years! In addition, the service life of the devices amounts to dozens of years.

Our Garantees:

— The manufacturing company has been in the market for more than 15 years.

— All necessary certificates and expert reports have been acquired in the manufacturing country.

— All devices come from the official warehouse of “Gamma-7” Informatics Centre trade representative.

— All devices have holograms that prove their authenticity.

— The manufacturer gives a 10 years warranty!

— If you don’t like how the devices work we give you a 14 days money-back guarantee (provided the device sets are returned in fully preserved form, with an intact housing and inner assemblage of the devices).